Supersacco Factory Jacket I


A piece from the hard-wearing and practical utilitarian workwear uniform, the bleu de travail jacket was dyed in the affordable and now infamous indigo blue as a means to differentiate a floor factory worker from his manager or foreman. French factory workers made this uniform famous in the 1800s, and other European countries quickly adopted and manufactured their own copies to supply their workforce. A living color, the indigo dye in each of these pieces have faded to varying degrees of its rich violet hue. 

For this series, we utilized vintage and leftover cotton fabrics in blue tones to repair and bring each piece into its second life. This particular piece required a lot of love. So we gave it some in the form of a complete replacement patch on the front right breast, and reinforcement on the collar, under the left arm, the wristband as well as patches on the back. Hand-stitched elements added for a little fun. 

This jacket was reimagined in our London atelier and is a true #1of1 piece. 

Size M

Material & Care
100% cotton.
Hand wash in cold water and hang to dry. 

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