Our mission is to re-imagine what already exists through intentional design.

Our Approach

We are a creative studio focused on design, re-engineering and development on what is available on a year-round basis. 

Our flexible, non-traditional product life cycle process allows us to source quality and reclaimed apparel, textiles and trims to re-create the forgotten and the ordinary into well-made, long-lasting goods.

Our Manifesto

Our PURPOSE is to lead the movement of excess reduction in the apparel and textile industries by responsibly connecting creativity with sustainability.

Our APPROACH is circular:  we re-engineer and re-design reclaimed garments and textiles, fostering each item’s existence at the highest value possible - for as long as possible.

Our RESPONSIBILITY is to partner with innovative thinkers, brands and manufacturers - across industries - to scale the effort by working within and thinking beyond the status quo.

Our COMMITMENT is to collectively redefine a viable and global standard of a circular system - a new vision for social and environmental impact and transparency.

Our Reasons

Through our 80+ years of collective experience in the apparel and textile industries, we've witnessed a significant amount of waste and challenges surrounding it. The magnitude of this excess motivated us to find a solution within the greater whole: a circular process that utilizes creativity to divert the accumulation of waste by reimagining what already exists.  

Our Founder

As the driving force behind Atelier & Repairs, Maurizio Donadi has assembled a concept that creatively weaves his personal affinity for all things well-lived with his desire to reconcile the excess he has witnessed, and been a part of, for 35 years in the apparel industry.

Our Partnership Programs

As an extension of our cause, our BRAND-2-BRAND and BUSINESS-2-BUSINESS programs engage with and service brands, retailers, manufacturers, mills and local communities who are committed to their own socially and environmentally responsible efforts.

Together, we develop on-going, collaborative programs aimed at either reducing their preexisting stock and waste or to simply help further their sustainability efforts within their own business model.

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