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About - Our Story

Atelier & Repairs is an initiative to eliminate the world's excess, one stitch at a time. Our mission is to not produce anything new, but instead transform what already exists.

Why This?

Through our 80+ years of collective experience in the apparel and textile industry, from factories to boardrooms, we’ve witnessed a significant amount of waste and challenges surrounding it. The sheer magnitude of this excess motivated us to find a solution: a circular process that utilizes creativity to divert the accumulation of waste by reimagining what already exists.

Our renewed purpose is to inspire creativity and sustainability by raising awareness about the issue of overproduction while working with our peers to scale this endeavor at a global level through innovation and ingenuity across design, manufacturing, and commercial processes.

Our Approach

Inspired by principles of the circular economy, we up-cycle and transform the forgotten and the ordinary into unique, one-of-a-kind items.

We transform and design into what we find, when we find it. We function and operate with a flexible and non-traditional product cycle. Our pieces are non-seasonal, limited and on a first come, first served basis.

Our doors are open to all possibilites. Whether you own a family store or a corporation, would like to transform a pair of pants or an entire inventory, or like what we stand for and are interested in getting to know more about what we do, contact us.

Our Founder

As the driving force behind Atelier & Repairs, Maurizio has been inspired by his 35-year journey in the apparel industry. He has assembled a concept that creatively weaves his personal affinity for all things well-lived and nomadic cultures with his desire to reconcile the excess he has witnessed, and been a part of, in the apparel and textile industries.

Our Manifesto

Apparel and textile manufacturing is the second largest polluting global industry. This overproduction and accumulation of waste poses a threat to the health of our planet.

Our purpose is to lead the movement of excess reduction in this industry by connecting sustainability and creativity.
Our approach is circular: we reimagine what already exists by giving it a renewed life.

Our responsibility is to work with our industry peers to scale the effort and to further the movement of excess reduction.

Our commitment is to build a viable, atypical product design and commercial business model that will continue to thrive as long as there is excess to work with.

Our ultimate goal: to go out of business, leaving behind a planet without waste.

Transform More

Our guiding principle is to achieve uniqueness by rethinking, reconstructing, and reintroducing apparel that already exists. 0% Production. 100% Transformation.

Produce Better

Our Produce Better program affords us the opportunities to partner with innovative manufacturers of sustainable materials and to repurpose leftover and deadstock materials and trims into well-made and long-lasting goods. 
Because if we are going to produce, let's do it responsibly.

Repair More

Sometimes we find vintage pieces that just don’t need to be transformed. Through a good wash, reconditioning and repair, we restore them to their original integrity thereby extending their lives.

Connect Always

As an extension of our cause, our BRAND-2-BRAND program engages with apparel brands, retailers, manufacturers and local communities who are committed to their own sustainability efforts. Together, we develop on-going, collaborative programs aimed at either reducing their preexisting stock/waste or further encouraging their sustainability efforts.
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