Re-design and continue the life of your pants, shirts, jackets and accessories into your renewed 1-of-1 piece.

Transformed In Los Angeles in 3 weeks or less.




Bring or send us your item to redesign.

Build your own piece by selecting from our reclaimed stock.


Re-imagination at Work: 

  1. Select your piece to customize.
  2. Please ensure it is cleaned for more precise repair applications and embellishment techniques. 
  3. Visit our shop, e-mail or call one of our specialists for an in-person or online consultation. 
  4. Together, we will review current fabric options and techniques to determine your desired look. 
  5. Receive and approve a design mock-up.
  6. Your 1-of-1 piece will be ready for you in 3 weeks time. 


You have contributed to your own circular movement by connecting with ours.